Converations with friends: Uncover the magic of fundraising with Em Siemonek

In our latest Conversations with Friends episode at Fundraising Nest, Michelle Berriman sits down with Em Siemonek , a seasoned fundraiser with a passion for making a difference. From her early days in fundraising to her current role as an individual giving manager at Wellington City Mission, Em shares her journey and insights with enthusiasm.

Their chat delves into the essence of fundraising, the evolving landscape of the industry, and the importance of continuous learning. Em highlights the pivotal role of mentors like Sebastian Grodd and Sherry Herrick in shaping her career and mindset. She also emphasizes the significance of community and collaboration, echoing Fundraising Nest's ethos of co-designing solutions with its members.

The conversation touches on the exciting possibilities brought by technology and AI in fundraising while underscoring the indispensable human touch. Em's enthusiasm for her work is palpable as she describes the fulfillment she finds in knowing that her efforts are changing lives.

As they wrap up, Michelle introduces a fun segment of "this or that," offering insights into Em's personal preferences, from mountains to beaches, books to movies, and coffee to tea.

Em's engagement and commitment to the Fundraising Nest community shine through, reflecting the collective vision of a space where fundraisers come together to learn, grow, and support each other. Join the conversation and discover the passion and camaraderie at Fundraising Nest!

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