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Check out what's on offer across the sector in this Space. Got an event, resource, tool or research you want to share. Submit a post for approval from the Nesters and share it with our community.

Want to post in this space?

If you have an event, resources, research, or tools that will add value to our profession then we invite you to jump into the community hub and create a post sharing your ‘thing’.

Feel free to add images, logos, links that help our community access your 'thing'. Remember to use tags to help others search easily for your offering.

The posts shared in this space must offer direct opportunities for fundraisers to learn and develop their knowledge. Posts that do not fit this criteria will be removed by admin.

If it is directly selling agency type services rather than professional development, then this is not the space for that.

Any questions? DM Lachlan Hall | Nester Connector for a quick response 😄