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This is where you will find things to learn about ! We believe that choice of what, how, who, and where you learn with is how we can best support you. We will share what is on offer locally, Nationally, and Globally. We want to share, connect, collaborate, and, grow your access to what is available. This is where will will post events, webinars, courses, and experience's that will benefit you and your personal knowledge and growth. If we believe that something will add value to you, we will share it in here and we want you to share too !

Nest Fest Downunder

A Festival of Fundraising Coming to Melbourne


Leo's Book Club will see Fundraising Nest Maven, Leo Orland, review a favourite fundraising book - once a month, every month. A passionate bibliofile, Leo will be breaking down his learnings, criticisms and accolades for books from this year through to decades old books that are still relevant to this day.

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Do you want to be Leo's next guest interviewer?? We are looking for lots of folk to jump in and have a go at hosting Leo's Book Club every month. We'll set you up with everything you need. Direct message Fundraising Nest, or email esha@fundraisingnest.com to join the club!